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Why Website Designers don’t get hired is 70% bad design. Your user experience may be functioning fine, but your User interface could be the reason you may lose projects.
And the issue with Templates is the fact that it’s not just easy to use, but a trouble or almost impossible thing to modify or add new features to. This I the complexity that comes from having to send your theme provider’s email each time you find a new bug or issue. We are over that.

Now let’s talk about coding, that’s a perfect formula if you have enough time to calculate, filter, and do symbols observation. not everyone has enough time to dabble around complexity. Let’s Leave the coding to programmers. Programming languages are used to build simple tools like the ones we teach, so you don’t need to write the codes yourself.
INTRODUCING: Advanced UI/UX Web Design Mastery 2 in 1 Course | Oxygen Builder + Elementor Page Builder
An all-in-one web design course with powerful elements that will make your designing experiences so much easy.

We focus on teaching you the basic elements and styling of a website so that when building your client’s website, you will be able to handle any future features they may request.
This is no cookie-cutter template-based approach, I mean your ability to build and style various web elements and sections like the Header, Inner section, and footers your own way.
You will be able to understand how the web design system works, and how to build and complete a client’s website with less hassle.

We are introducing and will be teaching you two No-Code Tool, that houses an Unbelievable/Unlimited ability to make building a website easy and fun.
And they say Learning web design is complex, we are here to change that narrative!
This is Not your Regular Web Design Course. We no longer belong to the era when you must have to rely on themes or codes to build a custom website.. 🔔

If you really want to step up your web design skill, if you really want to start new learning and earn a lot of clients with the honest approaches we will teach you, this course is just for you.
A Full Documentation of this course is on our website, you can check it out when you are free at: https://catergraphixacademy.com/web-design/ and here https://courses.catergraphixacademy.com/ featured-course/
Note: This course is programmed to run for 6 Months, this is to enable even those who are not used to the system to pick up, basically, you can round this up in less than 4 months of serious practice.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Advanced UI design techniques
  • Oxygen Builder & Elementor page builder
  • How to Find/Retain Clients
  • How to close a web design deal
  • UI/UX Web Design From start to launch
  • How to make a proposal, contract, and Invoices

Course Content

Introduction to Web Design

  • WireFraming
  • Div Nesting Wireframing
  • Site Mapping
  • Interactive Quiz
  • Wireframe Assignments

Hosting, Domain Name & WP

Plugins and Installation

Design Elements Guide

UI Design Style Guides

UX Elements Styling

General Style Guide

The Page Sections

Student Ratings & Reviews

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2 Ratings
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2 months ago
Though I'm still learning, But so far I must say this course is clean. Never thought on how simple learning custom website design could be. I practically have tried learning on my own with elementor page builder, but i found it difficult to do without the use of themes and templates, but knew it way beyond that since it humans too that make those themes.
The idea was that I wanted to be able to build real website from scratch with no code, I wanted learning how all these structures of things works, the elements myself, style guild, responsiveness, breakpoints etc. To be able to update clients website without struggle. Truly, I'm happy to have found and join this Team at last in 2022.
And must say, this course that offers, Oxygen Builder Tutorial and Elementor builder, is way packed with more value than the price, I Hope they keep it stable at this.
Learning the structure of web design is really a complex situation that deserve much more understanding from the right source, and being part of this course where every element is been explained to my understanding and every content which makes up this course is been organized with much more understanding is a big five star to the creator of this course. Happy to be a member of the catergraphixacademy.
Favour Emmanuel
2 months ago
Haven checked out some web design course online, I must say this is the best I have come across. With clear explanations and leaving no stone unturned I have got to understand and learn web design, not just web design but it principles too. I'm glad to be part of this academy as I have gotten over double of my value invested. All thanks to the great author behind this course !
Daniel Omeka
3 months ago
the experience here is worth more than what I thought, this webs design course is the most organized in I’ve experienced. Happy to be here, expecting more 😊🔥

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